Some Useful Links

(If you know of a good website please email the webmaster ( to have it listed on this page)
Set out below are some links to other Guilds and organisations which you may find useful.
If an internet site is not available, other contact details have been provided where possible

Eltham Amateur Winemakers Guild

Amateur Winemakers & Brewers
Club of Adelaide
Sydney Amateur Winemakers Club

Australian National Wine and Beer Show
Wine Service Guild – Victoria

Peninsula Woodturner's Guild

Home Brewing Clubs of Australia

Dept. Primary Industries Victoria
Phylloxera Exclusion Zones

Information re PHYLLOXERA

Valuable site for winemakers with much information available


 The Home Winemaking Page
winemaking advice and recipes, including WineCalc - Calculator which automates various aspects of calculations for wine production including alcohol levels, blending (pearson square) etc - DUTCH SITE

Jack Keller's Winemaking  Homepage
- a well known winemaker from Texas
Wine making recipes and advice available

Roxanne's Wine Cellar
Winemaking recipes etc
Winemaker Magazine
The guild currently has a subscription to this US based magazine.  Some articles published in the Magazine can be accessed at the website.

British Colombian Amateur Winemakers Association
Comprehensive site with good articles on many aspects of winemaking

Vancouver Amateur Winemakers Association
A good site containing winemaking articles, Q & A section and some winemaking tools

The Briars Historic Park
Nepean Highway Mount Martha

 A number of our members are enrolled as  'Vineyard Volunteers'  at The Brioars
where they supply their labour to maintain the grape vines on site (approx. 1000 cabernet sauvignon).
In return for their labours, a share of the crop of grapes is received.

Please see our link to The Briars Volunteers Page
Contact The Briars

This site has much useful information presented in a readable format presented by Ben Rotter