Annual Wine Show & Winemaking Competitions

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A limited, members only, winemaking competition is proposed to be held, with entries closing on 31 December 2020

This will be an opportunity to have your wines assessed and awarded scores, with appropriate medal certificates issued.

Entry information will be emailed to members and is available for download here.

There will be some major awards issued and trophies awarded, however, as sponsors have not contributed to the show there will be no cash prizes or vouchers awarded.  To mark this aspect, the entry fees have been set very low ($2 for the first entry and $1 thereafter ,to cover some transport and catering costs for the judging days).

There will be no Winemaker of the Year awarded for 2020, due to the limited scope of entries and no mini-comps having been held during ‘lockdown’ conditions.

 The following schedule is provided in order to allow members to plan ahead
for the production of specified wines for the John Lee trophy.